We believe more practical dreamers and visionary ventures make the world better.

And, holistic and rational strategic thinking along with solid commitments are the key elements.
This is why we founded 'Visionary Capital'
which is known as '維思諾理.

Practical dreamers need not only investments.
We are also facilitators, empowerers and enablers .


Izero Lee

Izero (李明哲), born in 1978, has a robust background combining technology, leadership, and innovation:
Education: Studied Electrical Engineering at National Taiwan University (NTU EE) and holds an EMBA from NTU's College of Management.

Early Ventures: Founded "不良牛牧場," the largest BBS community in Taiwan during his university years.

Career at KKBOX: Joined as a founding team member in 2000, advanced from engineer to CTO, then COO, and eventually President and Vice Chairman of KKBOX International Ltd, spearheading numerous world-leading innovations over 21 years.

Career at TAICCA: Served as CEO from mid-2021 to September 2023, pushing for the internationalization and industrialization of Taiwan’s cultural content industry.

Current Roles:  In addition to founding and leading Visionary Capital, Izero serves as Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) at Darwin Venture and advises several venture teams.

Izero firmly believes that the powers of technologies and capital are the most critical drivers of progress across various industries and hopes to continue making unique contributions by combining his past practical experiences.